Services & Approach

Tailor-made services & approach

We offer the following services:

Strategic advice, supporting the right architecture

As organization, you may still question yourself how to build the right privacy compliance program for your organization. You need to make the right choices, so in the end, privacy compliance fits seamlessly into your organization.

Tactical support

You may already have a privacy compliance in place, but you know it is still not as strong as you consider necessary. So, basically the structure needs to be upgraded.

Operational implementation

We can help with content, like your register, (data protection impact) assessments, policies etc.

Training of staff

Continuous training is essential to keep the privacy compliance program up to level. Training by a relative outsider will unburden your organization, at the same time providing a good incentive to review and reconsider the chosen compliance program in a permanent way

DPO as a service

Although your privacy compliance program is up and running, you still need that scrutiny to ensure that your organization lives by it. An external DPO can better monitor and report on possible points for improvement

DPO/PO coaching

The role of DPO or PO is a pretty solitary role within any organization. It is good that your officer has an external sparring partner to ensure sufficient support; it reflects your commitment towards your officer that he or she has a fallback. At the same time, it will be encouraging for your whole organization.



We use always use the same steps:

  • Maturity check plus gap analysis
  • Transition management, defining/executing action plan
  • DPO as a service or DPO/PO coaching

We offer the services in a format that fits best within your organization: after an analysis of your requirements, we will send you a proposal with the required result in mind.​


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