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Privacy data protection: essential to your organization

As an (aviation) organization you surely use personal data. If not from your customers, you may use  personal data of personnel or any other third party, like suppliers, external relations etc.

Proper protection of such data is essential for the success of your organization. If you would run into incidents, you may face heavy cost, like penalties, remediation and legal fees. But more importantly, such incidents will certainly backfire on the reputation of your organization, leading to harmful publicity and loss of revenue/customers.

What you have been building up throughout years of hard work and investment, may be in jeopardy in no time. Restoring faith in your organization/brand will once again take considerable effort.


Trust from the individuals/data-subjects you are dealing with is paramount

Therefore, ask yourself and your organization the question whether privacy data protection is properly embedded in your organization.

If you are confident it is all in place, please do not waste your time. Stop looking further into this website.

If however you are not so sure whether all is set; if you wonder whether you have the right expertise in house that know both the aviation industry as well as privacy requirements, I invite you to have a further look into my website. I just may have the answers that you are looking for.

Start with our Privacy Maturity Check: that will give you the necessary insight where you stand

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